An enjoyable dining experience at home is a must. Whether you’re the king (or queen) of entertainment and your next shin-dig is needing an update, or you’re a foodie who loves to dine in total comfort. You’ll need the heart of your home (the dining space) to look and feel the part on every occasion. Updating your dining space with simple adjustments, as it doesn’t take much to change the space. It can be anything from centrepieces being updated or the wallpaper being renewed. Whatever you decide your home will almost certainly look ultra-modern. We have five simple tips to give you to update your dining space, these are super-easy tips that will have your dining room looking the part in next-to-no-time.


Add a decorative bowl to your table. Adding a bowl will give your table an entirely new look, bowls can be regularly removed and updated so your table is constantly looking different. A bowl in the centre of the table can be filled with anything from decorative pieces to fruit! At just £12 this bowl is one of many you can find online.


If you’re wanting an eye-catching feature for your dining space then a dining chair that packs a punch is what you need. We have a whole range of statement dining chairs that are bound to make a difference, with style and comfort combined. Take a look at our three top picks from our dining chair collection below. Prices start from £139.



Impress your guests with some stunning lighting, like this chandelier below. Lighting like this is sure to impress, it’ll hang high above your dining table and will set the tone for a sophisticated night in. This is an incredibly grand decorative piece, but if a statement is what you're looking to make, then a piece like this is sure to tick all your boxes.


If a chandelier is out of your price range, then why don’t you go old school and grab yourself some candles and a holder. The wooden centrepiece candle holders from Next are just £50 but you’ll definitely be able to find more affordable alternatives elsewhere! Candles are a really cute way of adding an extra touch of ambience to your mealtime. Light the wick and add an atmospheric touch to your dining experience.


Mirrors bring light and offer the illusion of added space. You can find mirrors in practically any homeware store. They come in a range of prices, so you can get an affordable option or break the bank depending on your budget. Not only do mirrors enhance the lighting in your room, but they also provide an extra level of luxury.


Homeowners often forget to add splashes of paint to a dining space, leaving it with unimaginative white walls. Painting your dining room in a bright colour will instantly change the look. And it isn’t just the walls you can paint if you own a wooden dining chair you can paint the chair to change the look. You can regularly paint the walls in your dining space to keep it looking up to date with current trends.