What is a feature wall?

A feature wall is a wall in your home that catches the eye, it’ll stand out, maybe through colour, texture or contrast. Essentially a feature wall screams “look at me” it’ll provoke a reaction and it allows you to shove your style right into peoples faces. 

Why should I create a feature wall?

Feature walls will give your home a unique look. And it doesn’t just have to be in a living space, it can be in any room in your home. So, if you think your white walls are a little dull then why don’t you go as bold as possible with a feature wall. We’ve picked out our favourite ideas below, so you can find a style that suits you and then replicate it within your home. 

Here is our list of feature wall ideas

  • Fabric feature wall
  • Wooden finish accent wall
  • Wallpapered feature wall
  • Painted accent wall
  • Mirror accent wall
  • Wall art


Wallpaper can be a little bit of a dull idea of a feature wall, and of course, we don’t do things in half measures here at LF. So, our first feature wall idea for you to consider is a fabric feature. A fabric accent wall is not only unique but also cost-effective, with an entire wall costing around £20 to complete. 

Find your chosen fabric, which we suggest is made from lightweight cotton. Attach the fabric to the wall using tape or pins as a temporary measure. Once you’re satisfied with how the wall looks, use a paint roller to cover the fabric in wallpaper paste which will soak through the fabric and allow it to stick to the wall. Remove your temporary sellotape or pins and smooth out any air bubbles with a flat-edged piece of card. 


This style of wooden accent wall will give your home a natural-looking finish. Depending on the type of wood you use this project could cost anywhere between £100 and £1000 as different qualities of wood differ in price. The traditional accent wooden wall style features varnished planks of wood that are glued or nailed into the wall. But that’s not your only option here, as you can also use pieces of wood to create a unique wood panelled effect like the image below shows.


Simple but highly effective, a wallpaper feature will transform your space, and all you’ll need to do is find a pattern or coloured wallpaper that suits your style. Try to find a pattern that is bold to ensure your wall stands out. We also suggest that you should compliment a wallpapered feature by painting the adjacent walls with a colour that matches the wallpaper. Make sure it's slightly lighter though, to ensure the wallpaper is the main attraction.


A splash of paint is certainly one way you can create your own feature wall. It's probably the easiest and cheapest idea we have, so if you’re on a budget this is for you. 


A mirrored accent wall is something that you can easily create yourself, whether you choose to purchase one large single mirror, or a series of small single mirrors together. Both of these looks will grab the attention of anyone who lays their eyes on it, and it’ll also make the room it sits in feels much larger, due to the reflective finish.


Our final suggestion is by no means the least important. In fact, it's probably the easiest one for you to replicate in your own home. Wall art is something we all tend to have in our homes, and sizes and styles differ from home to home. Our suggestion is to use a range of your artistic pieces to create a large artistic feature wall that is bound to make a statement within your living area.

Do’s and don’t of creating a feature wall

  1. Don’t paint a bright colour next to a white wall

One of the biggest misconceptions when creating a feature wall is that it has to be sitting next to white walls. This is a big no-no. You need to paint your walls a lighter shade than the colour you’re going for. Let’s say you loved our idea of a painted feature wall, you’ll have to find a softer pastel colour to make it work. 

2. Do go bold to grab people's attention

Bold, bold, bold. That’s the whole point of a feature wall right? So, don’t be shy, go as wild as possible, add colour, texture or specific features to ensure your wall stands out. With the ideas we’ve given above, you should be able to think of something that’ll stand out. 

3. Don’t forget about ornaments or accessories

It’s not just painted or a texture that makes a wall stand out, it’s also the ornaments and accessories that go with it. So don’t just think a splash of paint is going to do the job, it won’t. Pick out matching or contrasting pieces that will give your wall more depth. 

4. Do think about the room in which the feature wall will be

Consider the room which will be perfect for your feature wall. Although a living space is usually the best spot, each home can be different so think about where you want your feature wall to be. Hallways are one of our favourites, as they can often be overlooked, so going bold is a great way of utilising the space.