If you’re anything like us, then you’ll love DIY projects and home renovations. So, we thought we’d find our top 10 before and after home renovations, to give you some inspiration. From bathrooms to kitchens and hallways to fireplaces this home renovation before and after blog will hopefully give you all the inspo you need to redesign and renovate your home.

We love this before and after from Beth at 1111lightlane. Her parents (having recently moved home) wanted to put their stamp on there new property. With the help of their daughter and designer Beth, they began to come up with a look that they wanted for their new home. Beth and her Mum decided to keep elements of a classic design while also ensuring the kitchen was ultra-modern.

Beth’s Mum loves black and white colourways, so this had to be incorporated. The pair created a mood board as this gave them a better perspective on what colourways and styles would and wouldn’t work.

So, let’s take a look at the before and afters…


As you can see from the before shots, the kitchen has a modern look, with a marble surface and white finish cabinets. Although the kitchen wasn’t too outdated, it just didn’t work for Beth’s parents.

So, now we fast forward to the after pictures, and you can really see the difference. The sink has been centred and all of the upper cabinets have been removed and replaced with open shelving units. With new lighting, cabinets and countertops the entire kitchen has been completely transformed.

We love this and we really hope Beth and her Mum have enjoyed many happy memories in this stunning kitchen diner. You can find chairs similar to this on our site with our Tolix-style bar stools.


Fox Carr are next with a before and after home renovation improvement with their fireplace update. They weren’t happy with the state of their current fireplace, having lived with a dated look for five years, and being forced to stay at home throughout 2020, they decided now was the time to make a change.

Below is the before, shot which shows a dated fireplace that certainly needed renovating. As always, Fox Carr try to do renovation projects in the most affordable way possible. With £40 spent on tile paint to cover the tiled area and a Rust-Oleum High Heat paint in black for the gold doors, it was time to begin the paint job (after the kids had gone to bed).

When they woke up they were greeted with a brand-new fireplace! Fox Carr had to paint the tiles and metal doors with three coats, leaving 24 hours between each coating. This is a super-easy way to give your living room a totally new look, painting a fireplace isn’t something we’d ever consider renovating – so thanks for this tip guys!


Check out this fab bathroom before and after.

This one is brilliant for those of you who are starting with a blank canvas. With the walls and bathroom completely stripped back it might be hard for you to imagine what the space will look like when it's completely renovated.

So, here is the after pics! It's incredible to see such a difference with a white gloss finish bathroom, two sinks and a free-standing bath, this renovation is what dreams are made of! We all love it and we think you will as well.


If you’re wanting to transform your bathroom then this bathroom renovation might be for you. Below is a before picture of the dated boxed in shower and bathroom which lacks space and light, bringing an overall dull look.

Now, the bathroom has been turned into a modern wet room, with a free-standing bath, and a sink that sits within a floating cabinet. The white tiled floor and walls contrast beautifully with the black painted window frame and the sharp gold accents of the shower and bath taps. This is one of our favourites from this top ten home renovation blog.


Everyday Chiffon has pulled out all the stops with this hallway renovation. Although the hallway had a slightly modern look with a rustic twist, the guys over at Everyday Chiffon wanted to create a look that was "warm, airy and welcoming". The oak finish and dull paintwork meant that this space really needed a lift, as it doesn't invite you into the property. 

And now the hallway is super-inviting, with white painted walls, indoor plants and a really cool bench that their little one can sit on. The beauty of this renovation is that all of the oak that previously looked so bland has stayed, with a now-vanished finish it's been given a new lease of life that gives you a warm huge as you enter the property.


Passionate renovators Chris and Claudia had a challenge on their hands to turn this dated kitchen into a space that they could socialise and entertain in. With a floral wall pattern and cabinets that were painted in dark green, it was time to get their hands dirty and renovate this kitchen.

Now the space is bright and modern, with a stunning breakfast bar that's made from an original oak tree. Removing the cabinets at the back of the kitchen allowed them to add floating shelves that allow for storage without being bulky.


This flat renovation from Natasha Barry of House of Clay is a white stucco house in Islington, which saw an entire flat renovated, whilst giving birth one month into the project! The one-bedroom property was nothing but a shell, so a hell of a lot of blood sweat and tears went into turning the property from this...

To this! Keeping the original features including the wooden beams seen in the ceiling here as well as the attic windows gives the property a contemporary charm for a stunning transformation that really does look the part. We love this renovation and congrats on the baby!


This renovation is one of the standout ones from this blog, as it's an entire living room that has been transformed. The property had stunning original features which the owner Emily Henderson wanted to keep as it gave this home its own unique look and finish. The key with renovations on properties like this is to ensure the original features aren't lost when you modernise the property.

And as you can see from the picture below, the original roof and feature wall has stayed put, with a cleanup and huge window that brings in natural light, this simple renovation has made the world of difference in this property. “The natural light in here is insanely beautiful, moves around the house all day and generally makes my heart fill with happiness,” Henderson said. “The windows are the feature, with the natural light being the real star.” We really have fallen in love with this property, its a dream home that Emily has the pleasure of living inside 24/7, we're really jel!


We absolutely love renovations like this one, as this hallway looks simple and clean in the before pictures. Hallways are often neglected, you will spend next-to-no time in a hallway so ensuring it looks the part isn't really a top priority, but it's so key to ensuring your home has an inviting look.

The white and black colours of this renovation couple perfectly for a clean and inviting look. With a black painted door, rails and the black light above the hallway is now completed transformed. The beauty of this transformation is that the changes are minimal, yet so effective!

Thanks so much for reading this week's blog on home renovations, we really hope it inspired some of you to create similar looks in your homes, keep your eyes on our blog page if you want more tips on redesigning the look of your home.