Create an eye-catching look in any room in your home with stunning pieces of mirrored furniture. 

Mirrored furniture can be dated back as far as the 18th century, one of the most popular designs of that time were women's mirrored dressing tables. Although the pieces we see today aren’t actually inspired by pieces from the 18th century - I'm sure they’ll come back into fashion one day. Today’s mirrored furniture is actually inspired by pieces that are from the early 1920s and 30’s, often known as the art deco period. Our ranges feature styles from retro Venetian to modern glamour, and with the tips and tricks we have below, you’ll be able to make the most out of your mirrored furniture.

Mirrored furniture is a popular design as it can combine both retro and modern designs, this versatility means it has become even more popular in recent years. Mirrored furniture doesn’t just add a stylish look, it also brings in light and adds the illusion of additional space, making a small dark room lighter and bigger. 

Where can I put mirrored furniture?

Due to the versatility of mirrored furniture, it can be used in practically all rooms in your home. The most used areas for pieces of mirrored furniture are bedrooms or dressing areas. These spaces are where we can really rubber stamp our own personalities, so it’s not a surprise that we see mirrored furniture more often in these areas. 

Should I put mirrored furniture in my bedroom?

Yes,100% mirrored furniture is essentially made for bedrooms. They add a glamorous look to any style of bedroom space, and mirrored furniture in a bedroom is perfect for brightening up space. We suggest kitting your full room out, especially if it lacks natural lighting. Try to place mirrored pieces in either dark corners, to brighten them up, or place them near a window to ensure the natural light is reflected around a bedroom.

Should I put mirrored furniture in my dressing room?

Yes, you should definitely use mirrored furniture for your bedroom. Mirrored furniture and dressing rooms are a match made in heaven! If you are lucky enough to have the space in your home for a dressing room, then a mirrored piece of furniture simply has to go inside. Envisage yourself glamming up every day in front of a mirrored dressing table, it screams luxury. 

One place you should avoid placing mirrored furniture is in ‘busy’ rooms. A busy room, like a hallway or a kitchen, may make your mirrored furniture susceptible to scratches or scuffs. Mirrored furniture, when scratched, is difficult to treat, so it's best to avoid placing it in these so-called busier areas. 

Should I put mirrored furniture in my dining room?

Dining room mirrored furniture is a much more controversial place to put mirrored pieces. Dining rooms can often be busy areas, especially if they are attached to a kitchen. We often avoid placing mirrored furniture in such areas, to prevent them from becoming scratched or scuffed. However, Mirrored furniture in a dining room is sure to create a stunning focal point, especially when using a mirrored dining table. We supply a range of show-stopping mirrored dining tables, which will enhance everyday dining to a whole new level. You can check out our mirrored dining table collection here. 

How to use mirrored furniture to enlarge your room:

  • Place mirrored furniture near lights or near a window to reflect natural light
  • Use a mirrored dining table to create a focal point
  • Brighten up a hallway or landing with mirrored furniture

Our mirrored furniture ranges

Lifestyle Furniture has three huge ranges of mirrored furniture, as we know how much you all love it. Our three ranges are Monroe, Paris and Malmo.

Our Monroe range is where it all started for our mirrored collection, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From the crystal glass handles to the bevelled edge glass, it's a collection that is bound to impress. 

The Paris range is both simplistic and bold, with a minimalistic mirrored look that holds host to decadent features. The stunning mirrored panels give the Paris collection its unique vintage finish.

Our final collection is the brand-new Malmo range. This mirrored range is unique in comparison to our other ranges, as it features handless drawers. The drawers on the mirrored furniture can be opened with the push to open mechanism. 

How to decorate with mirrored furniture

The beauty of mirrored furniture is that it is so simple it can sit in any style of room. So, if you are wanting to decorate you don’t need to worry too much about the colours you pick, as mirrored furniture will practically go with anything! 

However, we do have a couple of styles that we love and we think you could use them in your home, to replicate the style. 

The use of dark blue on the walls ensures that the mirrored furniture stands out. With lighter pastel tones used in the curtains and the throw. We placed the mirrored furniture near to the window as it reflects the natural light, a tip we gave you earlier, but now you can see all of the benefits of doing this!