How to style a console table

  1. Find the perfect spot to place your console table
  2. Place your favourite decorative items on the surface
  3. Choose between an asymmetrical look or a balanced look
  4. Take inspiration from our inspiration guides

Have you ever looked at a space within your home and thought, something needs to go there, but you’ve not thought what it could be? Well, a console table is probably the answer. Console tables are a great way of ‘filling space’ whilst giving your home a touch of character as well as bringing storage and a place that you can decorate with your own unique style. You can customise a console table however you like, depending on your style and the type of console table that you choose. With loads of choices to make we thought it’d be easier to give you some style tips, so you can style your console table with ease.


Firstly, before you start shopping for console tables or picking up inspiration tips from your favourite Instagrammer, you need to decide on where you want your console table to sit. You’ll obviously know this much better than us, but console tables often sit in hallways, living spaces or on the landing of your first floor. Some of you may want a console table in a bedroom, and we touch on this a little later on. All of these areas can often be neglected, so filling the space with a stylish console table is a super-easy and effortless way of adding character to your home. You’ll find loads of ideas below including hallway console table ideas and much more.


Now you’ve found where you will be placing your console table, the next decision is what it's going to be used for. Console tables can be (and usually are) used for purely decorative pieces. This is due to the fact they often sit in hallways or living spaces, so they need to look the part, especially in a hallway. Hallway console table ideas need to include the likes of lamps, flowers, personal treasures such as pictures or family heirlooms and other decorative items. Decorating a hallway console table or a living room console table this way will instantly catch the eye of your guests. The key to the decoration of your console table is balance. You certainly don’t want a table covered in bits and bobs that bring a cluttered vibe.

So, you need to find the right balance when decorating your console table, and this isn’t just about what items you put on the table. You need to go with a balanced or asymmetrical look, depending on what look you want your home to have. We have taken a look at some console table styling below to give you some inspo ideas that would look perfect in your home.


The image below is a prime example of an asymmetrical look. A tall lamp gives the console table height, oversized items like the lamp give your console table more depth and allow it to make more of an impact in your home. The bright coloured vase is what you’re instantly drawn to; adding a decorative piece that is full of colour is a must when decorating your console table as it's an eye-catching feature. Adding accents like the picture below which include books and small ornaments, is also a must, as it breaks up space and brings the console feature together. Often people choose the asymmetrical look as it’s a more natural way of decorating your home.


The balanced look is a much easier way to style your console table, you simply need to buy two of each item, usually an item that will sit on each end. The image below shows the way to use the balanced look in your hallway. Two matching lamps sitting at either end of the table with a smaller item in the middle used to break up the look. This style of console table brings a neat look and is much more pleasing to the eye than the asymmetrical design.

A balanced or asymmetrical console table style is the two you should go for in your hallway or living space. Both of these looks are eye-catching and are bound to bring a unique look to your home.


So, having looked at designs that are more suited to a hallway or living space it's now time to take a look at console tables that can be used in a bedroom. To start with, a console table in your bedroom does not need to be styled in a similar way to ones placed in a living or hallway, mainly due to the fact that they are more hidden away and don’t need to have stand out features. Console tables in a bedroom are less about styling and more about how they will be used. You can choose to use your console table however you like, after all, it is your home!

Our mirrored console tables are perfect for dressing areas, with drawers beneath the surface you can store all of your make up inside and leave a clean look on top. Look at the image below that we have styled ourselves for some inspiration with makeup stored both on top and within the drawers. The style below also features a small Hollywood mirror that is decorated with bulbs, and when they’re turned on, they illuminate your room bringing sufficient lighting for perfect “Instagrammable” selfies.


We know how much you all love our console tables, so we’ve also taken a little look at how some of you have styled your console table at home, so those of you who need some inspiration will have even more.

It's all glitz and glam in the @home_of_ishy household! Using the same Monroe console table and the small Hollywood mirror this look is one that is bound to make an impact in a dressing area or bedroom – and we love it!

@_homebylaura has given her console table a simplistic touch. With a super-cute flower feature as well as a velvet ottoman. You can find our range of velvet ottomans here, so you can create a similar look in your home.

Now you have everything you need to know about how to style a console table there is nothing holding you back from creating a unique piece in a hallway, living space or bedroom. For more inspo tips check out our blog page which features style guides and more