Small bedroom storage ideas

How do I get more storage in my small bedroom?

Before you even begin to think about buying items that will solve your storage conundrum you need to start with a de-clutter. If you have a clear-out beforehand it at least gives you some perspective on the amount of stuff you have. Once you’ve done this, you should organise all of your items and rearrange your wardrobe and other storage spots to see if any additional space can be made. 

Once you have done all of that you’re ready to explore the possibility of adding additional storage to your bedroom. Firstly, you need to assess the small bedroom, look to see if there are any areas which lack storage. If you’re struggling to think of any areas, we’ve created a list below to answer your question.

Where do you put things in a small bedroom?

Hopefully, our tips below will answer this question, for you. We suggest everything from built-in wardrobes, under-bed storage, bedside cabinets and even space behind the back of a door. All of these are perfect spaces for you to put things in a small bedroom. 

What are the best small bedroom storage ideas?

  • Underbed storage
  • Floating shelving
  • Alcoves 
  • Bedside tables
  • Wall hooks
  • Utilise door space
  • High shelving

With all of these simplistic tips that we’ve given you above, it should be easy enough for you to sort your storage problems. We’re going to take a look at each one of them, so you can see all of our ideas in action. 

Underbed storage

One of the most overlooked storage spaces is beneath your bed. You can use under-bed storage in one of two ways. Firstly, if you don’t already have a bed then buying one with storage underneath allows you to neatly store items in the drawers beneath. This makes for easy organisation and is ideal for storing your everyday essentials. You can neatly organise your clothing and shoes, so they’re super easy to pick out when you need them. 

Underbed storage doesn’t need to be super-organised, and we all know that day to day life can sometimes get in the way of keeping our belongings neat. So, utilising the space under your bed is an easy way for the lazy people amongst us (we include ourselves in this) to simply shove items beneath the bed. Out of sight out of mind is the saying, right?

Floating shelving

Bedroom shelves are a must, but you don’t just want any old shelving, ensure your home looks ultra-modern throughout by adding floating shelves. These shelves can go anywhere in your bedroom, whether it's in an alcove (more on that next), above your bed, or as a part of a feature wall. That is the beauty of floating shelves, they can sit virtually anywhere in your small bedroom. 

Making the most of alcoves

As we briefly mentioned above, utilising the space in your alcove is a really easy way of making the most of space. The first suggestion we have is using the floating shelves, these can be made to measure and will slot directly into your alcove. Then just place whatever you want on top, books, clothing, footwear, literally anything can sit on these shelves. Alcoves are also the ideal space for you to have a built-in wardrobe. These wardrobes can be fitted by professionals, who will measure your space and then create a wardrobe that will solve all of your storage problems. It's likely that you’ll have an alive on either side of a chimney breast, so you could get a built-in wardrobe that sat across the two alcoves, which would really bring a huge amount of storage space. 

Bedside tables

Assuming you have enough space on either side or just one side of your bed, then adding in a bedside cabinet is a really easy way of making the most of the little amount of space you have. You can use a bedside cabinet for loads of different items. We suggest you use it for more personal keepsakes. Stow them in the top drawer and then they’re easy to access should you ever need them. 

Wall hooks

This is a really simplistic way of adding additional storage to a small bedroom. Hooks can be hammered into a wall and you can use them for hats, bags or any other items that can be hung up. This is great for your little one's bedroom, as they can hang up their favourite toys or clothing. Not only does this solve your storage problems, it'll also bring a unique look to your bedroom. 

Utilise door space

Our other small bedroom storage hacks feel like they were kind of obvious ones, but we think you won’t have thought of this one. Utilising the space on the back of your door is an ingenious way of making the most out of your small space. You can go really basic with this and use a traditional coat hanger, or you can build shelving on the door. 

High shelving

Make the most of tall ceilings in your home by adding in high shelving. This is a great way for you to store those not so important items. Think shoes or trainers you’ll only use on special occasions. And these high shelving units don’t have to be plain or boring, you can decorate them with hanging trinkets or indoor plants that dangle loosely below. 

How do you organise a small bedroom with a lot of clothes?

Organising a bedroom is a great storage solution, as it allows you to neatly line up your clothes, which is sure to save space. We’d recommended sifting through all of your clothes, to see if there are any items that you never use. Sell these online or take them to your local charity shop. Then you need to sort out your clothes into categories. This could be everyday wear, workwear, gym clothes. Or organise by the time of clothing. For example, you can categorise t-shirts, jeans, trousers and from there you should place them all neatly within a wardrobe or in a chest of drawers.